Wednesday, January 16, 2013

17 week Ultrasound!

I finally got to see the doctor on Jan. 3 and everything looks good.She did a bedside ultrasound to look at the wee one..we were hoping to see the sex but to no avail. I think I drank too much coffee because the baby was moving all over the place! Everytime the doctor thought she had a good shot the baby would move. The ultrasound machine was an old one so the picture was not that great which didn't help matters. She said if she had to "guess" it is a girl..only becasue she didn't see any boy parts..but that doesn't mean they are not there, she just didn't see them!

I think it's finally sunk in that I am going to have another baby. For the past 4 months not having any prenatal care, it allowed me to stay in denial! LOL I can't deny it any longer that's for sure!
I'm feeling good, no more nausea and can now at last eat! I do still have problems with food aversions but can live with that! My belly has popped and is out as far as the boobs are. Emilee keeps telling me that i'm fat! LOL Surprisingly, I have gained 1 lb since Dec. 13 when I went to the WIC office.
Next appointment is Jan. 17th for the anatomy excited! Can't wait to see if it's really a girl or we will finally be having our boy!
My next Dr. appointment is jan. 30th.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Weeks!


So much to catch you up on! I am entering my final week of my first semester of college. I can't wait for it to be over. I have had no free time to craft or scrapbook.

I also have some Bigger news to share with you!! I am 12 weeks pregnant! I'm still in shock myself. God must have a sense of humor for sure..proving all the doctors wrong once again. I am feeling tired and the food aversions have hit into high gear but at least the nausea has gone away. I still have not seen the doctor yet as we are waiting for medicaid to kick in. It's been the longest 6 weeks but I know I didn't see the doctor with Emilee till about then too so I'm not worried. God is on my side :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our First Disney Trip 2012

it's been a while since I posted so I think I will just give you the quick run down of my first trip to Disney! It took me 40 years and I am so happy that my parents got to experience it with us! Without them, we would have never been able to go!
At the end of May the girls got out of school and before I knew it we were on our way for the first time to Walt Disney World! It was my very first time and I have to admit I was just as excited as the the girls were. I am so glad that we decided to do the trip as a whole family with my parents and my brother's family! It was the best vacation by far!

this is the house that we called home for the week!
Our first full day in Florida was a bust..thanks to tropical Storm Deby who decided to hang out with us!
this was why Deby was hanging around..Dad got into the pool! LOL
Bryan and I were invited to a fabulous dinner by an old friend of mine who lives in Orlando. Frank and Susan were great company and he is one Dynamite chef!
Day 2 we decided that we would venture to Magic Kingdom..Come rain or shine!!
Our first glimpse of Cinderella's Castle...Emilee was in awe and so was I!
MomMom and PopPop ..happy smiling faces :)
The gang at the entrance!
Our First glimpse of Main Street USA!
Cinderella's Castle..up close..Emilee LOVED it!
We decided since Emilee wanted to find Cinderella, Fantasyland would be the first stop! On our way there I saw the Haunted Mansion..the girls were brave until we got inside and as soon as the ghosts started was over! As soon as the door opened to go inside the ride Dad and Bryan had to carry Faith out ! She had a melt down! Mom and I carried on and enjoyed it without them!
We came out just in time for the parade.. This was our first glimpse of Mickey and Minnie!
As the parade wore on it started to rain harder and harder..when it was over we took refuge on the Riverboat..When I asked Emilee if she was having a good time I got the thumbs up sign!
Fantasy Land!
It's a Small World..turned out to be Emilee's favorite ride!
Peter Pan's Flight...girls really enjoyed this one..
After seeing Mickey's Philharmonic show we went into the store connected to the showroom to ride out some rain..PopPop bought the girls their first pair of ears!
The girls on Prince Charming Carousel
I couldn't get enough of the castle..
Princess Aurora's Dress
Off to Adventureland!
Faith was not liking Mickey's  Jungle Cruise..can't ya tell?
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin..I told Em I would ride with her as long as she didn't go up and down..she started and I told her to stop..Mom just giggled! 
 In line for the Pooh Ride
The tea cups! Mom and I sat this one out!
Our final ride of the night..The barnstormer! Emilee and Bryan rode the front car and she giggled all the way through it..Faith clung to me and cried! When they got off the cast member saw Faith was crying and gave her a Mickey sticker..She gave one to Emilee because she was brave and loved it!
By the time we walked to the castle it was time for the Wished Spectacular

Fireworks! Em was too tuckered out..she missed it all!
Tired..but we had a fabulous first day at the Magic Kingdom!
Day 2..we decided to go to Animal Kingdom
The day started with rain but that was not going to deter us! We were out to have some fun!
The entrance of the park reminded me of the Pittsburgh Zoo.
The Tree of Life
Wondering through to the bottom of the tree of life we went in to see Tough to be a Bug! The girls liked it until Hopper came jumping out..Emilee cried and when I tried to cover her eyes she would pull my fingers away so she could still see..and cry! LOL
See the Lion??
Walking through Maharajah Jungle Trek
Mount Everest.. we didn't get to ride, tropical Storm Deby had the ride closed for 3 days due to lightning.
Finding Nemo the Musical was awesome! The girls really loved it!
Sun!!! It finally came out..and stayed out!
DinoLand USA!
TriceraTop Spin
We rode the Wildlife Express Train to Rifiki's Planet Watch
Me. Faith and Rifiki
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Giraffe's were too busy looking for food then to come visit!
Baby elephant and Momma's!
We made it through day 2! Even PopPop made it to park close!
Still Smiling!
Day 3 was spent at Epcot!
 We ran into Daisey and Stitch
Mom decided to pose for me :)
Our next stop was the Character Spot where we patiently waited in line to meet Mickey and the gang!

The sky was still cloudy but no rain..This is a view of the lake..this is a view of USA

Our first country..Mexico!
Norway.. and the Maelstrom..the viking ride! Faith was brave and rode it with me and MomMom..she was not impressed and held tight to Mom the whole time..there were 2 ladies in front of us who were so sweet and were trying to comfort her and tell her it wasn't scary..Faith was not buying it!
Germany..we decided to stop here for lunch and have wiener dogs!
By lunchtime the sun finally came out! It was a beautiful day!!
The view of the water by Germany!
Sweet little villages
Italy! This building reminds me of Venice
USA..while we were waiting to go into The American Adventure show we got to see the fife and drum corps.
Loved the ceiling of this store..After I took this picture a couple approached me and asked me where Morocco was..I told them they were standing in it! They laughed and said, no, the real  country..We have asked a lot of people and they don't know..I said Africa and told them to google it! LOL
France..Faith's favorite place..we also saw her favorite princess here too!
Aurora and the girls..Faith couldn't keep her eyes off her..The photographer and helper also loved the autograph book and Aurora's page.
The Eiffel tower..I didn't see it until we got onto the bridge to go into England. the details of the architecture
If Dad knew this was here..LOL
Canada is Beautiful!
When you loop back to Showcase Plaza there is a spot for the move Brave where there were games and this beautiful sand sculpture..
this playground had the squishiest faux grass..I told Mom that they should have this all over the park!
So cute..
LOVE this..I had to take a picture as we were heading to The Seas with Nemo & Friends
The seagulls talk..Mine..Mine..Mine..
The girls loved riding the Seas with Nemo and Friends..After that we talked to Crush. Crush picked them to ask talk to him..Emilee told him that she was here with Mom and Dad and she was from West Virginia..Faith asked him how long do turtles live?
End of Day 3! We left Epcot early so that we could grab some dinner out of the park! We ended up at the girls favorite place..Applebee's!
Day 4 we went back to Epcot..this time the whole gang went. Our first stop was Spaceship Earth. Mom and Dad said that it was a roller coaster but it wasn't..It went through the evolution of Earth ending with a fun game building your own future! Maggie picked that she would be "green"
Next stop was back at the Seas with Finding Nemo and Friends
The gang
We rode Living with the was a boat ride through a greenhouse and fish farm as well as different climates and it's landscapes..We stalled through the ride for a few one minded because we were cool!
Mission:Space  This was really cool! We decided to do the mild mission..My fellow team mates were Maggie and Eddie..Eddie cracked me up because he thought we were going to crash!
After Mission:Space we parted ways with my parents and brother..We had plans of staying till the fireworks and the girls wanted to get more autographs!
back at Showcase Plaza, faith wanted to do the Phineas & Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase..we were given a cell phone which would gives us clues to different landmarks in Japan. When you found the landmark the phone would activate the landmark..the first was a rock that glowed a Japanese symbol, then wind chimes moved, finally inside the Mitsukoshi store a figure popped up and was destroyed! It was fun!!
The plaza in Italy were we saw the Ziti Sisters
Well after this picture we rushed over to Germany to get in line to see Snow we were in line my camera fell off the stroller and BROKE! Bryan did mange to get a few pictures on his phone before the battery died..Yep, no firework pictures :( So sad..

Our final day was spent at the Magic Kingdom.
It was a beautiful day..Dad saved the day and let me borrow an extra camera he had brought.
our first stop was Town Square Theatre to see the princesses..
After waiting in line for a half hour and not going anywhere we found the Fastpass,
 so we got tickets for 520-620.
Looks especially amazing when it's a beautiful sunny day!
Can't get enough!
Videa was impressed with Faith's baby wings..She called her a fairy in training!
Love Videa's smirk
After visiting with the fairies we went to Frontierland and saw the Country bear jamboree
After the show we were hungry from some grub so we went next door to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe for some good eats!
Splash Mountain..sadly we didn't get to ride..the line was too long and we only had a certain amount of time before it was time to see the Princesses!
Big Thunder Mountain railroad..was so fun!! Bryan and I rode it while
Mom stayed with the girls!
Beautiful View
We were on our way to go see the Princesses!! We stopped in the Christmas store and when I came out the back door I saw that they were lining up to see Tiana..Bryan quickly got in line..afterwards, Emilee had to get an ornament of Tiana!
Finally in line to see Cinderella!! Can't wait!!
Faith was happy she got to see Aurora again..
Emilee could hardly stand being so close to  Cinderella we barely got her to pose with Belle!
The moment we all waited for!! Emilee finally got to meet her favorite princess!! She twirled with her and hugged her more times then I can count..after taking pictures she was still talking to her as we were walking away!
My favorite moment of the whole trip!!
As promised we went back to Fantasyland so Emilee could ride It's a Small World again
Faith in line..
On the boat..ready to go!
Faith and MomMom
Tomorrowland here we come!
Alice and Wonderland
Bryan took Faith on the Tomorrowland Speedway..Emilee and MomMom went into a shop and came out with Princess figure set!
The People Mover!! Oh boy..Faith didn't like how fast it went or the dark when the car went inside!
Case in point...I took this picture inside where it was very dark and you couldn't see anything!
Here is Emilee
Love the Aliens!
Our last attraction of the day..This was really funny!
Bryan submitted a joke for faith but they didn't pick it :(
Now the race was on to get to the castle before the Electric parade started!
Here it is!
Our last day at the Magic Kingdom was over..After the parade we made our way to the Emporium to buy the last minute souvenirs and then off to the ferry where we watched the beautiful firework display for the last time!
A happy ending to a magical vacation!